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OUR MISSION:To provide affordable, quality online continuing dental education with knowledgeable and experienced instructors, utilizing a unique audio-visual format.Courses are designed for dental professionals at all levels.
OUR GOAL:To teach whole body health with an emphasis on the oral cavity. Esthetics, anesthesia, nutrition, occlusion, implants, restorative dentistry, and preventive dentistry are our major subject modules.Courses are conducted to help dentists achieve Fellowship and Mastership status with the Academy of General Dentistry.
We are licensed and practicing dentists and educators in Texas.The instructors have over 40 years of experience in their fields of expertise.
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Frequently Asked Questions:


What if Iím having difficulty logging in?

There are typically two reasons.

>If you have a MAC, it will occasionally fail to load.If you have a spinning icon or it say setting up meeting, but has no result in about 5 minutes, then shut down and re-boot the system.This will usually solve the problem.

>The program says you need to download the Zoom app.There is a link and it downloads easily.Then access to the meeting can be made.


Do I need to download any software?

Generally there is no need to download any software.

Occasionally Zoom will say there is a need for a software download.A link is provided at that time


Is there an additional cost to download software?

There is no cost for the software.


How do I ask questions during the program?

Asking questions is an extremely important component of the program. Several avenues are provided.

>Text messaging me at (817) 680-0239.

>There is a chat icon where messages can be sent.If you use this, make sure I get the question.

>I have the system set where you can unmute your microphone.This is the most efficient method because you know I get the question AND everyone else can hear it.This is my preferred method.


Do I have access to the program after it is over?

I record the programs. You will be provided a link (upon request) to access it in the future if you wish to.


What if Iím not able to get to a computer?

A phone number is provided to access the program via your phone.This may only provide audio.You will be sent notes prior to the program so you can visualize the program if you are only doing audio. This is helpful in that occasionally schedules get altered, so you can still gain access to the program.


How do you know Iím attending the program?

When you log in, I will see an icon with your sign in.If you sign in with your name, then I will know you are there.If you sign in with some other title, I will ask you to identify yourself. I will have check-in at various times to confirm current attendance where you will either send a text, chat, or unmute your microphone to answer the roll call.This is extremely important for compliance. If you are unable to communicate by either of these methods, let me know prior to the program and we will determine a way to verify attendance.


What operating systems are supported?

Zoom supports IOS. Windows desktop, MAC, Web Browser, Android






Contemporary Anterior Dental Esthetics Course: Plano: Friday, October 11, 2024




Occlusal Splint Therapy Concept and Construction Course: Plano: Friday, October 11, 2024



ONLINE INTERNET-BASED PROGRAMS (All programs are $10 each and participants will receive 1 hour CE credit upon completion):

Local Anesthesia Concepts for Dentists: Anesthesia Module: Dr. David Canfield

Occlusal Splint Therapy and Construction: Occlusion Module: Dr. Charles Arcoria

Contemporary Anterior Cosmetic Principles: Esthetics Module: Dr. Charles Arcoria

Basic Vegan Nutritional Concepts for Dental Patients: Nutrition: Dr. Charles Arcoria




Contemporary Anterior Dental Esthetics Course: Fredericksburg: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Occlusal Splint Therapy Concept and Construction Course: Fredericksburg: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Contemporary Anterior Dental Esthetics Course: Plano: Friday, June 21, 2024

Occlusal Splint Therapy Concept and Construction Course: Plano: Friday, June 21, 2024




Continuing Education Credit Provided By:

Anesthesia Education & Safety Foundation, Inc.

Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit.

Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement.

8/1/2022 to 7/31/2026

Provider ID# 217924.


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